Ghostlighting Is The New Dating Trend We're Already Tired Of

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In the ever-evolving world of dating, new trends seem to pop up all the time. From ghosting to breadcrumbing, it seems like there's always a new term to describe the frustrating behaviors that come with trying to find love in the digital age. The latest trend that has been making the rounds is ghostlighting, and it's something that we're already tired of.

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What is Ghostlighting?

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Ghostlighting is a term that describes the act of someone starting to ghost you, only to come back with an excuse to explain their absence. This can include anything from being busy with work to dealing with personal issues, but the end result is the same - they disappear without warning and then reappear as if nothing happened.

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The term "ghostlighting" is a play on the word "ghosting," which refers to the act of suddenly cutting off all communication with someone without any explanation. However, ghostlighting takes this a step further by adding the element of manipulation and deceit.

Why It's Frustrating

The frustrating part about ghostlighting is that it can leave you feeling confused and unsure of where you stand with the person. One minute they're showing interest and making plans to see you, and the next they're nowhere to be found. This constant back and forth can be emotionally draining and leave you feeling like you're being strung along.

It's also frustrating because it shows a lack of respect for the other person's time and emotions. By disappearing and then reappearing without any explanation, the ghostlighter is essentially showing that they don't value your feelings or the effort you've put into the relationship.

How to Deal with Ghostlighting

If you find yourself being ghostlighted, it's important to recognize the behavior for what it is and set boundaries for yourself. Don't let yourself be manipulated by someone who can't make up their mind about whether they want to be in your life. It's okay to express your frustration and let the person know that their behavior is not acceptable.

It's also important to take care of yourself and not let the ghostlighter's actions affect your self-worth. Remember that you deserve someone who is consistent and respects your time and emotions. Don't be afraid to walk away from a situation that is causing you stress and uncertainty.

The Rise of Ghostlighting

Ghostlighting has become more prevalent in the age of online dating and social media, where it's easy for people to disappear and reappear at their convenience. With the rise of dating apps and the ability to connect with people from all over the world, it's become easier for individuals to engage in this type of behavior without facing any real consequences.

The anonymity of the internet also plays a role in the rise of ghostlighting, as it allows people to hide behind a screen and avoid taking responsibility for their actions. This can make it difficult to hold someone accountable for ghostlighting, as they can simply disappear and avoid any confrontation.

Moving Forward

As frustrating as ghostlighting can be, it's important to remember that not everyone engages in this behavior. There are plenty of people out there who are looking for genuine connections and are willing to put in the effort to make a relationship work. It's important to stay positive and not let the actions of a few bad apples tarnish your view of dating as a whole.

In the end, ghostlighting is just another unfortunate part of the modern dating landscape. By recognizing the behavior for what it is and setting boundaries for yourself, you can navigate the world of dating with confidence and find someone who values and respects you. Don't let ghostlighters bring you down - there are plenty of fish in the sea who are worth your time and effort.